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  1. Slice You Up
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A song that explains a situation that we have all been in - where you LOVE some parts of a person and CAN'T STAND other parts...You wish you could just slice them up and keep the good parts. Metaphorically speaking of course


I just wanna slice you up, you up
Throw away all the bad feed it to your dog, your dog
And take home all the rest

But he's a whole person
So a whole verse for him
I'm adverse to him
and perverse to him
I've seen the worst of him
Got the love curse to him
And now I feel as though
I'm gonna go and die of thirst for him

Like an angel knocking at my door
Shining his halo I'm begging for more
'Till his counter part come running
Up behind him said "forgetting something?"
Now I'm left with that split image
He's the dumpster bin from which I rummage
For the parts that are worth saving
I gotta find them through his misbehaiving