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When I realised I was creatively stifled by the idea of my songs being written for an audience I realised - I can't write for you!


I had a plan, to put my fear aside and swallow all my pride so I could then decide
To understand, that I have got my flaws and you have too got yours but that is not enough
For me to hang, just waiting in the wings thinking about the things that I would love to be
For I must stand, up on my own too feet and I will feel complete when I write for me

I don't know how I could deny it
Leave my very soul to dry
I don't know how I could ignore it
Ignoring the inner sigh
I don't know how I could deny it
Creations here but it's been stifled for too long
I will die if I can not find it
I gotta write myself a song

Because I can't write for you
No I can't write for you
Deny me of my passion's all you do

I've been blocking myself far too long
Tryna re-create the perfect song
In a backwards mind forgetting the art
Intellectualising forgetting the heart
When I think of singing it for someone else
It becomes inauthentic, it is no help
To you or me, the powers that be want genuinity