I spent many many years wanting to sing and dreaming of being in a band, and something told me "it's someone else's dream".  I spent many years feeling the pain of my own self expression trapped within my own limitations and doubts.   Over the past 10 years I have learned how to empower myself through, study, courage, discipline, self-love, passion, and drive and now it is my honor to pass on all that I know to others. 

My students come to me to unlock their creativity.  In a safe and confidential environment they obtain tools, exercises and the freedom to express their unique truth through words, sound and imagery.  I am a firm believer in music being a a therapy and by identifying exactly what it is we are trying to say, and then singing it out using our very own set of lungs, it is amazing to witness the release and level of insight that we each hold inside.

In addition to creativity therapy I also teach the following:

  • Career Start Up     - Getting you ready to book and play gigs
  • Song Writing          - Turning your thoughts into melodic gems.
  • Music Production   - Adding electronic music production to bring your songs to life and share with your people.
  • Alignment               - How to stand for singing
  • A M Breathing        - The most efficient breathing for speech and singing
  • Vocal Technique     - Building healthy habits for a free and joyful singing voice!
  • Music Theory          - Understand the language of music so you can better communicate your musical ideas to others.
  • Aural Training         - Improving your musical ear
  • Improvisation          - Make up sounds and melodies on the spot
  • Style                        - Using your voice like and instrument, vocal runs and much more


Spaces are limited but please inquire if you feel like you are ready to embark on this brave and very rewarding path.







"I came to Ladi Abundance with a passion for singing but with ‘barely there’ confidence and quite limited technical ability. After a short while taking regular sessions, my confidence grew along with my sound and range and enjoyment of something I loved exploring. Ladi Abundance was able to help me develop and strengthen my voice in a relatively short space of time due to the attention and knowledge that comes from learning with a true technical and artistic professional. The range of exercises and skills we explored was as safe or as courageous as I was ready for, with her support. Thank you so much for helping me gain so much skill and enjoyment from one of the things that brings me most happiness. I would recommend singing with Ladi Abundance for anyone who enjoys singing and may want to pursue this professionally. It was an honour to work with someone so talented, friendly and enthusiastic! Let me know if you move back to Brisbane. xx "- Heidi Matheison

"Ladi is a dream teacher and I highly recommend her classes, to everyone, singers & non-singers alike. No matter what your level, Ladi will help you find, or refine, your voice in a natural, fun and non-confronting way. A vocal technique expert, but also passionate about helping you to build (or re-build) your confidence to sing, I am constantly impressed by Ladi's professionalism equally matched with her sensitivity to where-ever you are at, which in my opinion makes her one of those rare and special teachers. Ladi's classes helped me recover from years of fears around expression; I finally felt confident enough to put my hand up for backing vocals and singing in a band! (Both secret dreams of mine for many years that I never imagined would come true - thank you!). A class with Ladi will be fun, light, informative; An exquisite gift to your creative empowerment. I can't wait for my next class!" - Angela Rowland