Reflections After Grief

It’s half way through this year

And it’s time to really listen to yourself

Your spirit is crying out to be expressed

Your heart wishes to be at rest

Songs of prayer are waiting to be spoken

Webs of delusion are begging to be broken


It’s the 6th month of the year

And so little has unraveled

Yet to deep reflective places

Within your soul were traveled

Questioned everything

You knew about existence

Removed all of the ignorance

Erased all of the blinkers


And down within the centre

Of that tiny beating chest

Whispers truth, a deeper yearning

Still to be addressed

And the sweet relief that comes on a day

When you can finally rest

And take the time to answer it

And answer’s saying yes


There is joy in the moment, in the rawness in the truth

There is benefit to the waving goodbye to one’s youth

A world that focuses on shells, ladders and neon lights

Has no place for questioning the nature of our plight


For if we all obeyed that power within

Overnight would be the crumbling

Of everything that keeps from looking inside

Of the chaos we’ve been force fed all of our lives

My Animal Self 

This morning I was drinking my morning coffee and thinking about the state of humanity (you know just some light thinking) and how our bodies and minds are in such a toxic mess. I thought about all the advice that is often given for body and mind ailments - eat whole foods, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, cut out refined sugar, exercise, get vitamin d. All these things, the animals do naturally. 

I find it mind boggling when people don’t see humans as animals because my whole life I have always…

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Just Sit In The Chair 

We so often self sabotage the things that mean the most to us.  I can often find myself doing everything BUT the thing that my heart most desires.  Why?  I am still working it out. A fear of success?  A fear of failure? A fear of actually having it all?  When I figure out I will let you know, but what I DO know is this... If I can push past the part of myself that decides that doing some menial task like mopping my balcony (who does that?) is more important than working on my craft and actually sit in the

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We Make Plans For Other People's Lives That Aren't Ours To Make 

Warning this article discusses death and suicide.  If this triggers you, please don't read on.


2017 - it was supposed to be the year of success, light and momentum, and in some ways in has been, but it has also been the year of reflecting on death.  Death can seem like a tragic event, especially for the one's left behind.  I hadn't had many people close to me die until this year when both a family member and a pinnacle member of my community passed. The interesting thing is though, in both cases, these…

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